Small Business Representation

Assisting your business when you most need it

What is small business representation

As a small business ourselves, we understand the hard work and dedication it takes to operate a business. We want your business to prosper and we will guide you through the key moments and situations where you will need a partner to handle your legal affairs.

We focus on building relationships with our clients so that we understand their business and can provide common sense counseling that makes suits your business.

How we can help

The matters we advise on

  • Choice of entity
  • Business contracts and transactions
  • Employee relations
  • Business succession planning
  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Business litigation

How we work

Getting started with us

Our streamlined onboarding process will ensure that your needs are met and that all the necessary information is available for our team to help your business get step up and stay compliant.

Step 1

Intro Call

We'll discuss your goals, objectives, get your entity started, and business license
Step 2

Operations Meeting

During this meeting we will make sure your business is operating the way it should and that you are set for ongoing maintenance
Step 3

Maintenance Plan

We will perform yearly maintenance including filing with the Secretary of State, having minutes, and checking in on other matters as needed


Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions we get about Small Business Representation. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask us using our contact form below or by emailing us at

What is a family business attorney?

A family business attorney is a an attorney that helps businesses that are run and operated by multiple family members. These family businesses have unique challenges with ownership and decision making, that non-related business partners don't face. A family business attorney can help set expectations and provide legal structures that not only sets the business up for success, but sets the family up for success as well.

Why do I need a family business attorney?
Usually a family business is a family's largest asset. As such a family's future is tied to the success and failure of that business. Therefore, a family business is uniquely intertwined with a family's estate plan.
Approaching business planning with a holistic view of the concerns and liabilities of the owners, simply allows for better legal advice. Working with family is hard, and a family business can fall apart if a fight divides the family. Knowing the entire family dynamic, allows us to advise you on the best corporate structures based on more than their tax efficiency and liability.
Do I need small business representation?
Getting your business started can be daunting, and making sure that it is compliant with your local laws and regulations might be challenging for you. If that's the case, having an attorney who can help you through those tough moments might be the right option for you.
How much does small business representation cost?
The cost of small business representation varies depending on your specific situation. At the end of our initial meeting you will have an accurate estimate of the costs.

Types of cases we handle

Every business is unique, but we understand the common legal challenges that you might face. That’s why we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your business remains compliant.

  • Family-owned businesses
  • Rental properties
  • Transportation company
  • Retail stores
  • Insurance agencies
  • Restaurants